Thursday 21 February 2013

A Republic Reality

<This post was originally published on ABugInMyMind on the Republic Day by Shubham, a knight from KKW.>

It’s been quite a long time I posted anything. And I am not proud of that. But I am happy that I have a lot of people noticing the same. While I could have written about the gangrape case, nirmal baba, indian cricket team, the army issue and a thousand other trending topics, I chose the republic day to be the topic for my return.

It’s quite surprising to see the turn of events. We used to say happy republic day in the past, now we have coined the terms ‘ghantatantra’, ‘peepublic’, and ‘the monarchy’ day. Believe me, facebook is full of creative minds.

I also share the views, where we mock our weak government, joke about the policies and condemn the decision makers. But at the same time I think, how does everyone get the right to speak on something they don’t even have a clue about?

India is a republic, we have the right to speak. That everyone knows, but what about the things we can do? What about the part where you have to think and analyse what you speak.

Recently Rahul Gandhi was made the VP of Congress. I saw over a thousand tweets and a hundred Facebook statuses rejecting the motion. And ironically, most of them were by the people who have no interest in politics (visible from there Facebook info.)

No offence meant, but it includes even those who can’t even speak properly when the interviewer asks ‘tell me about yourself’, how can they decide if Rahul Gandhi is a good leader or not?

Not supporting him, infact to remove any misconception, he sucks, it was probably the worse decision of all times. But what I imply is, if you can’t ‘be’ the change, don’t mock the change.

A lot of people had been criticizing Dhoni for being a bad captain and losing throoughout. One century, one last ball six and they are his biggest fans. I wonder if Manmohan Singh announces an increament in Dearness allowance, will they become his fan too.

Lot of random talks, coming to the point. India is our country, the 1.2 billion people here are Indian and hence related to us. We have a lot of good things to be proud of. If you can’t help the country by going out and doing the right thing, you don’t get to decide what’s the right thing as well. If we’re here only to talk, why not talk good stuff and atleast let those who are doing that feel appreciated.

If Anna does a fast, we have an issue, Amir does Satyamev Jayate, we say it’s a propoganda. If Kejriwal says I’ll join politics, we say he is corrupt. If a girl gets gangraped, we make a fanpage of her!

India recently test fired it’s supersonic missile in november, not many people have an idea about that. In olympics, India won so much, all it could create was a facebook fanpage and a twitter trend. I won’t give stats, but just google the things like Mr. Godrej, TeachForIndia, The boson, agni V, top 10 women achievers, the oscars and the literary awards… You’ll get an idea what it is to be an Indian.

I don’t want you to rise up and make the change, fight the evil, do some devouring stuff. No no.. You’re good sitting there… Looking really sweet. But while you’re at it, munch some popcorns and tweet about the right stuff.

Oh, happy republic day. Promotion is my right, so do buy my book ‘My EX Fell In Love’ on all the online stores. Check it out here, , and . Have a great time. Jai hind.

Friday 25 January 2013

Thursday 23 August 2012

Future Outlook of Oil & Gas Supply & Demand

Oil industry is a telling example of the dramatic impact of economic reforms on our industrial scene. Just two or three decades back, the scenario was entirely different. Any analysis of the future outlook of oil and gas supply and demand is fraught with difficulties. Assumptions about growth in demand, price of the commodity, reserve base, technology evolution and world politics have to be made in order for any prediction to have a chance to be correct within a reasonable confidence range.

The problem is that data on production a demand from the recent past, as well as predictions in the short to medium term, are either inaccurate or require a number of conflicting events to be reconciled.

The inaccuracies stem from the way the data is compiled, using estimates of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting countries (OPEC) production as well as commercial figures from other countries around the world. These figures are sometimes slanted for political or economic reasons. For instance, the most recent Oil Market Report of the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows 1.3 million barrels a day of ‘missing oil’, meaning that, in the third quarter of 2002, either demand was higher or supply was lower than the IEA’s own estimates by 1.3 million barrels a day.

For prediction of the future production demand, the uncertainty increases. In the near term, companies are constantly revising their production targets downwards, and, longer term, the published estimates of supply and demand show a large margin for error.

Recent analysis by ExxonMobil, for instance, indicates that, over the next 10 years, oil and gas demand will increase by around 2% a year, while current fields in production will deplete at an average of 3% to 5% per year.

The consequence is that the equivalent of half of current production rates will have to be added over the period, indicating a requirement for about US$1,000 billion of capital investment, the work of some 350,000 engineers and scientists and advances in technology at least as great as those of the last 30 years. These are pretty optimistic assumptions that are not going to be realized if oil prices drop below US$15 per barrel, as some economists predict, since, at these low prices, the cash flow of the industry is just not sufficient. Moreover, even assuming cash flow is sufficient, the oil and gas industry will need to recruit, train and retain large numbers of scientists and engineers in competition with other industries that have better reputations.

Since we have already produced a little more than one trillion barrels, it puts us about 10 years from the famous ‘King Hubbert peak’, which occurs when about half of all possible reserves have been produced. The 2.7 trillion high cases of the USGS assumes significant increases of discoveries in the future; ‘discoveries’ meaning not only new fields, but also additional recoveries of existing fields. Similar estimates can be produced for gas, although, here, the reserves figures available for analysis are even softer than those for oil. This is due to the fact that gas, when far away from markets and without a liquefied natural gas contract in place, cannot be assumed as proven or even probable. As a result, a lot of gas is still in the ‘possible’ category or even not considered at all. USGS type of estimates show that a King Hubbertpeak for gas could be reached in the 2020 to 2030 range. In the near term, there is no shortage of oil and gas, although the rate of discovery worldwide has been declining since 1982 and, more recently, a majority of oil companies have had to revise downward their expectation of oil and gas production growth, citing technical, personnel and weather issues. The reality is that the production targets were unrealistic and based on flawed statistics.

In summary, short-term past, near-term future and long-range forecasts of oil and gas supplies are so uncertain that they should not be used for planning purposes except in a scenario process. What this means is that the industry faces huge challenges to find and produce the hydrocarbons required over a 20-year horizon. Even if technical, financial, human resource and political issues can be resolved, there is no escaping the fact that the industry needs to think about and manage the transition period post-King Hubbert peak, when the hydrocarbon inventory is depleting fast whilst demand keeps on growing. In order to fill the gap that will increase at the same speed as the hydrocarbon demand grew in the past, the only realistic alternative for transport is hydrogen, which can be burned in combustion engines or used in fuel cells to produce electricity to drive the engines. Hydrogen is a high potential energy substance, and that energy has to come from somewhere. On a long-term basis, the energy can only be solar or nuclear.

  • The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was formed during September 10-14, 1960 in Baghdad, Iraq by Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Kuwait to control the price fluctuations in crude oil.
  • The other members of OPEC  are Qatar (1961), Indonesia (1962),  Libya, (1962), United Arab Emirates (1967), Algeria (1969), Nigeria (1971), Ecuador (1973–1992), Gabon (1975–1994) and Angola (2007).
  • At present OPEC members include  Algeia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates & Venezuela.
  • Ecuador withdrew in December 1992, and Gabon followed suit in January 1995. Although Iraq remains a member of OPEC, Iraqi production has not been a part of any OPEC quota agreements since March 1998.
  • OPEC members' national oil ministers meet regularly to discuss prices and, since 1982, to set crude oil production quotas. Presently OPEC members account for about 40% of world oil production, and about 2/3 of the world's proven oil reserves.
  • Except for the period 1956-57, oil price was in decline during 1950’s. 
  • Price that was almost stable at $1.20 per barrel was raised up to $1.80 in 1970.
  • In March 1971, the power to control crude oil prices shifted from the United States (Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana) to OPEC.
  • In 1972 the price of crude oil was about $3.00 per barrel.
  • The Yom Kippur War started with an attack on Israel by Syria and Egypt on October 5, 1973.
  • By the end of 1974 the price of oil had quadrupled to over $12.00.

  • From 1974 to 1978 world crude oil prices was relatively flat ranging from $12.21 per barrel to $13.55 per barrel.
  • The effect of the Iranian revolution and the Iraq-Iran War resulted in crude oil prices increasing from $14 in 1978 to $35 per barrel in 1981.
  • Between early 1998 and the middle of 1999 OPEC production dropped by about 3 million barrels per day and was sufficient to move prices above $25 per barrel.
  • OPEC basket price averaged $27.60 per barrel in 2000, $23.12 per barrel in 2001, $24.36 per barrel in 2002, $28.10 per barrel in 2003, $36.05 per barrel in 2004, and $50.71 per barrel in 2005.
  • Presently, the crude oil price has been above $80 during the last three weeks of September 2007, despite OPEC's agreement on September 11, 2007 to boost output by 500,000 barrels per day from November 2007.

          Intensification of Global Competition
          Volatility of Oil Prices
          New Technology
          Communications revolution
          Political transformation and the breakdown of international frontiers
          Growing Global Environmental Awareness
          Ownership and Governance

Some of the burning issues in the Indian petroleum sector are represented pictorially below:-


2.       IEA monthly reports


Friday 20 July 2012

For the Love of the Society

Being human, we are social animals and there are very few things that we would not do for the ‘love of our society’! From a very young age, we are taught to talk in a certain way, to behave in a certain manner, to dress in a certain style – all with the post script note – otherwise what will ‘people’ say? ‘People,’ being the operative word there, stands not for your friends or well-wishers, but the society in general. How many times have you heard people say, “Society mein naam kharaab ho jayega”?

Just to give a general idea about how far we go to gain the respect of ‘the people’, here are some examples (the list is not exhaustive – it is just the beginning):  One has to learn to talk in English (preferably with a foreign accent) irrespective of their knowledge of their mother tongue or the national language. One has to maintain a standard of living (big brands being a big part of it) whether they can afford it or not. One has to be a Doctor or Engineer or, in the recent times, an MBA to be ‘successful’ in life. One has the right to wash their dirty laundry in public but no right to PDA. One has to follow the ‘culture / rituals’ that is being followed since the Stone Age – without questioning it.


We like to think that we are evolving over time because we have ‘logical minds’.  We have come a long way since the living in a cave… long way since our days of “sati”… and a long way since the days of discriminating people in the name of caste, creed and colour. Have we really? Every other day, there is news about fights because of religion; there is discrimination on the basis of sex preference; news of hundreds of rape cases; thousands of domestic violence; and millions of infanticide cases… Even in the 21st Century, we still are cave men. Actually, I take that back. We are worse than that… We haven’t been able to let go of the ‘animal’ inside us and thus, we still behave like one.


I know I cannot change things in one day. But yes, I would like to see a change - one change that can in turn bring in a lot of changes. What I really want to see is the female section of the society to quit being the victims and stand up and fight back. If the girls realize their own worth and respect themselves, the rest of the society will have no choice but to follow. I want to see them stop giving in to the demands of dowry, stop accepting domestic violence as a way of life and for God’s sake stop female infanticide!!


So, this is a message from me to the fairer sex of the society:
Please stop pretending to be the helpless section or the helpless victims of this society. You are this way because you accept it. You can just sit there, accept and be victimized or stand up and fight back. Why do you think you need to pay dowry? What is it that the boys have and the girls don’t that makes them deserving? Remember, if the need be, you can work, earn, cook, clean and even change the bulbs yourself. You do not need a man in your life to be complete. Your parents have invested as much time, energy and resources for you as a boy’s parents do. You are the one who ends up taking care of everyone at the in-laws! So why do you need to pay a dowry as well? Remember, they are not doing a favour by agreeing to marry you – they marry because ‘they’ need you. Remember that when someone asks you for a dowry – You don’t owe them a thing!!! In case of domestic violence and rape, I hate to see the girls hiding out or hanging their heads in shame! They haven’t done anything wrong and by being ashamed of something that’s not their fault, they just pass on the power to the wrongdoers. Stand up and fight back!! And ladies, if YOU don’t fight for your unborn daughter then who will??


Lost in our passion to fit in the society, we tend to forget that when we are in trouble, the society doesn't lift a finger to help us out. When we fail, the society laughs at us. They scandalize us, they victimize us and they enjoy our dilemmas. But they never sympathize or help us and they are rigid. Do you really want to fit in with a crowd that is educated yet ‘illiterate’? Do you really want to fit in a crowd who are struggling to find their own identity?


 It is about time we stop expecting people & society to change on their own. It is about time we fight for our own rights; for our safety and for the safety and liberty of the generation to come.

Thursday 19 July 2012

Bhechilam Akash ta mekhe nebo gaye

Bhechilam Akash ta mekhe nebo gaye,
Badhonchara pakhi hoye jure jabo niler sathe.
Kintu holona..!
Raatbhor sudhu nishango pashaner dumkaro muchrano.
Tobu o sobai bole " Sukhi acho too maa?"
Hai sukhi achi.
2 bedroom flat a, ekta furniture hoye.
Bhrune amar dosh chilona,
Tobu o mere felte cheyechilo tara amay,
Sudhu seshmesh maayer janne alo dekhlam prithibir, hyto seu nari bole.
Sei 2 to jama ar nogra ekta school.
Prothom prothom jano sir-er der ador ta bhalo lagto.
Pore bhuchechilam ki chay tara.
Bus a garite buroder amar sorir anubhob kora, lojjay mukh khultamna.
Sudhu mone hoto ekdin hath bhenge debo ader,holona...!
Raatbhoy boiyer patay alo khujtam, ektu alo, bachar alo.. Pelamna..!
Doshta amar e, nari je..sokto hote parlamna.
Tarpor nil aslo jibone, premer matal chowa, ektu raag ektu anuraag.
Bhebechilam jibon bodlabe abar.
Sapner karikori moner majhe .. Sotti Jibon.
Nisongsho purush, ar ami ..
Hyto somajta amn e, moner chaite chamrar daam beshi.
Sotti bhebechilam akashta mekhe nebo gaye.

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Enticing Women...

Note:: Fair warning… this post is not meant for people with oversized or fragile egos. Continue reading at your own risk.

Rape and molestation is a wide spread problem that need to be tackled immediately and with strong hands. Especially when the present society has become an Expert in victimizing a victim and so today I put forward my case against victimizing the victims and for punishing the actual perpetrators.

Just imagine, you love Chocolate and they open a ‘chocolate hut’ store right in front of your home. You can’t help yourself and so you steal from there. Or imagine you are in a tight situation and in dire need of money. You would do anything to get out of that situation and since Banks have money, you go out and rob a bank. Know the situations? Who is the victim here in these cases? The store and the bank, right? In such cases you do not see the perpetrators justifying their acts by saying, ‘But the shop / bank were showing off the chocolates / money. What was I supposed to do?’

But oh when a girl is raped or molested, it is always the girls’ dress and behavior that is under scrutiny. It’s the girls who tantalize and lure the ‘helpless and powerless’ men into raping and molesting them. What are the men to do when a girl in a short skirt passes by them other than pass rude comments? What can the defenseless men do but rape a girl when she has beautiful curves? What can the poor babies do when they come across an outgoing girl other than molest her? After all it’s a woman’s fault that she is beautiful or attractive. It’s a woman’s fault if she is likes to party or wear dresses. It is also a woman’s fault that they tempt and excite and lure the very powerless, defenseless and vulnerable men into committing such heinous crimes.

Look at this 7 year old victim. Of course with her sensuous curves, she was asking to be raped, stabbed and beaten to death!! And men being the most GRACIOUS creatures on the earth fulfilled her wishes!

Or, this 15 year old girl should have never worn such a provocative dress! When she wore a Salwar-kurta, she obviously invited men to rape her and then murder her mother for lodging a complaint.
 Source: TimesOfIndia

Look at the lady in this video, her very exposing dress was just asking to be beaten, stripped, and molested in public…

This 6 year old’s smile was just begging to be wiped off through rape and complete mutilation…
 Source: DigitalJournal

I bet this 15 year old's skirt was too short...
Source: DashingTimes

And goodness! Look at this 5 year old girl… Look at how provocatively she dresses and behaves so promiscuously!! Only way to teach her a lesson was to rape her till her internal organs were damaged

Read some more about the Enticing Women:


Tell you what; MEN bring out your macho egos as a defense. Or maybe you can use your oh-so-god-gifted strength as a defense when the girls beg you to rape them. But mostly, Keep Your Pants On, Hands to Yourself and Dirty Mouth Shut!

Monday 16 July 2012

We The Fhakars: Pornography and Prostitution to be legalized in India.

The Indian Government has finally decided to legalize pornography and prostitution much like the countries of Singapore and Amsterdam. The Government, further, plans to apologize, for its inability to provide sufficient lucrative options to cater to the national sexual needs and has promised the distribution of sufficiently provocative materials at every Ration Stores, health clubs and Hospitals, catering to the deprived BPL community. Special subsidies and Income Tax rebates on commercial sex are few of the agendas to be addressed under the compensation drive. The Central Government has launched a National Initiative named “We The Fhakars”, aimed at providing substantial sexual privileges to the barbaric youths of India, who, due to the skewed sex ratio and unavailability of easy fun, seems to be attacking young women in large groups, raping and often killing the victim. “National Geographic Channel”, plans to shoot a documentary on the new emerging breed of Sexual predators, born out of a probable union between Homo-Sapiens and the Rhesus Monkey.

This assumption, however, is not be confused with the “Monkey-Man of Delhi”, which plagued the National Capital in early 2001. Anil Kapoor , who was falsely accused of being the “Monkey” beast ,owing to his awesome body hair , has vehemently reacted to National Geographic’s reference to the “Monkey-Man”. “It brings back old memories of the demeaning Police Examinations and brutal insults, especially now, when my International career seems to be soaring high” – expressed Anil Kapoor at one of the “Mission Impossible 4” Press Conferences.

Pinky Pramanick, the successful Indian Track Athlete , another victim of Police mal-handling (groping), Sex Examination in almost-public view and male constables, resulting in stray MMS clippings and month long obscene humiliation, has supported the afore-mentioned Anil Kapoor’s statement. “My life won’t be the same ever again. My self-respect and chastity has been publicly outraged” – Pinky confessed, tear rolling down her cheeks.

Legendary Australian Spinner Shane Warne, who had been infamous for his sexual escapades with several unwilling ladies and also a handicapped kangaroo, has been quick with his witty reaction on FB – “Pinky should have been a cricketer. We are rich and influential. No one messes with us…LOL.” Shahid Afridi, Kevin Peterson, Baba Nityananda (Actress Ranjita scandal) and 100 crore other Indian ‘liked’ the status.

The epidemic of Indian Lust quotient going haywire has finally drawn National Attention. “Seems we Indian just can’t keep our 8 inches (or whatever size it is) in control. It keeps messing with our demented brains. Aamaro Bhoy Bhoy Lage aajkal.” – Added acclaimed Bengali Film director Rituparno Ghosh. Students stripped by School authorities repeatedly in presence of fellow teachers and students. Pre-Teens girls groped and molested by mob for a good 30 minutes as by-watchers and News personnel video record the event. Horror tales of Rapes and murders at a Mental Asylum in West Bengal, run by a NGO in collaboration with Central government. Andaman Islanders forced to dance naked for tourists in exchange of food and little cash. “Petrol Price hike is a government conspiracy to demotivate rapes in moving cars. This is unacceptable. ” – expressed Kader Khan , prime accused in the Park Street Moving Car Rape Case , who has supposedly managed to frame a perfect alibi to escape the Strong “Legal fangs”. He had stayed with longtime Girlfriend and Tollywood starlet Nusrat Jahan, at a Mumbai Hotel on February 18th, the day his three friends were arrested in Kolkata. “Men will be Men. We love to fuck around. What’s wrong in that? It’s a natural instinct” – Dhananjoy chatterjee , had supposedly SMSed one of his friend , minutes before being hanged , in connection to the Rape and Murder of a 14 year old Kolkata girl.

According to insiders, Sunny Leone, the popular American pornstar has been appointed the brand Ambassador of “We The Fhakars”. Poonam Pandey, the lesser known model, who had been ever benevolent in offering a public strip show, to showcase her patriotism and dedication towards the countries World Cup win, has also been roped in, after influential recommendations by two eminent board members of the “We The Fhakars”, namely Lakshman Savdi and C C Patil, the two BJP ministers in Karnataka, who were caught watching porn film clip at the State Legislative Assembly.  Meanwhile in West Bengal , the chief Minister , at a social rally , goofed up Sunny (Leone) for Sunny Deol and said – “Shanny to shei Ghadar tubewell dhore tana tani korchilo” (Referring to the famous “Tubewell” scene from Sunny Deol’s internationally acclaimed movie ‘Gadar’).

News from tinsel town , has that Madhur Bhandarkar , best known for his ‘social issue’ movies such as “Page 3” , “Corporate” and “Fashion” , plans  his next new unnamed venture on the benefits of Sexual violations. He finally plans to provide the long-promised “break” to Preeti Jain, the small time actress, who accused Madhur of Sexual Abuse in 2004. The male lead would be played by the well-deserving, Bollywood bad guy, Shakti Kapoor. “Aoooo..Bhagawan Ke liye mujhe Chor do”, the probable movie tagline. The role of an honest police officer would be played by Damayanti Sen, an IPS and joint commissioner of Kolkata Police, Crime branch. Being shunned out of Kolkata Police, post her commendable and quick single-handed breakthrough in the Park Street Gang Rape investigation, Damayanti, has resorted, to an acting career, where she can play, an honest Police Officer, without chances of transfers. The Political and criminal fraternity has appaulsed Damayanti’s brave switch from Real Police job  to Reel Police job and promised full support to Madhur in his next project.

We are all so sorry. Sorry for the victims. Sorry for the scars. Sorry for the public mockery. Sorry for the Country.

N.B:: Most of the information produced in the above write-up are (un)true to the best of my knowledge and are meant to pass a social message , and not to cause harm or insult to any law abiding individual , living , in this real Fucked Up country of ours. Thanks.

Sunday 15 July 2012

Neri Sishu

Ami ek Neri-sishu.
Komorer naray badha ekchilte sammaner ashroy.
Mathar chulgulo akalpokko.
Na, Ami kono 'Curious case of Benjamin Button' noe;
Nato Ami kono Photographer lens-a atka pora innocent kono chobi.
Ami grishmer dabadoher gham.
Rumal diye muche na fela abdi-e amar ashtitto.

Fapa sorirer sambal sudhu 206 haar ar chamrar aboran.
Na.. bhul bollam, aganito haar.
Hai ami ek Jibito Fossil.
Amar dieting korte hyna model der moto.
Ami amnite-e sundar.
Bus Drishtibhanggita bodle dekho.

Rastar kukurder lorai dekhecho kokhono?
Abarjanar majhe khabarer janne.
Hai.. Amake niye hoyechilo se lorae.
Amar ekti hath karur ekdiner khudha mitiyechilo.
Chokh khule-e ami bujhe giyechilam Darwin-er se mohan theory;
'Survival of the fittest'.

Amar merudanddo durbal noy.
Boiyer bojha take bekiye debar sujog paini je.
Jibon-sotto anudhabon korar janne amar Gita, Koran, Bible kichu-e lageni.
Pich-kalo rastar aro kalo dag-e amar Sikkha-guru;
Ar nongra-r sthupgulo amar school.

Hai ami nesha kori..Annyay..!! Paap..!!
Dhur chai..!! Ekta biri ek packet biscuit er cheye onek beshi sosta.
Pocha maghsho ar Ruti pete soye geche,Gas hoyna.
Seta-e je Amrito.
Surjer agun onek priyo amar rater jantronar cheye.

Kintu ashchorjoo..!! Ajo sapner jogan baki amar majhe.
Jibonananda ar Sukantto dujan-e amar soman priyo.
Ki jani, Hyto amar-e moto ura-u ajanme 'Neri-Sishu',
Mrittyur marubhumite khuje beray jiboner Oasis;
Agami jiboner kobitar beej.